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This deeply relaxing massage combines two holistic healing techniques using our custom blends of chakra balancing therapeutic aromatherapy oils. In order to release stress from your mind, body and soul. The therapist will question you about your overall wellbeing and mood in order to gain an understanding of your needs. Throughout your massage your therapist will alternate between gentle and slightly harder pressure easing tension in the muscles. 

30 Mins £45/Course of 6 £225


60 Mins £70/Course of 6 £350



This massage is tailored to your personal preference as it can vary from gentle to somewhat intense. Your choice of warm essential oil is applied onto body with gliding gentle strokes, a movement of slow vibration and kneading encourages tight and sore muscles to release lactic acid. This helps release tension and improves blood circulation all over, leading to a sense of relaxation. 

30 Mins £45/Course of 6 £225


60 Mins £70/Course of 6 £350



If you are looking to ease stress and relieve tense muscles, this massage promotes relaxation by deeply manipulating the soft tissues and delivering oxygen and blood to the areas that need it most. Focusing on problem areas from your back and shoulders to hips this can also be used to assist the rehabilitation of muscular related injuries. To ensure this is most suited for you the therapist will carry out a questionnaire regarding health and lifestyle. A nourishing essential oil will then be applied to skin to provide a free flowing massage.

30 Mins £55/Course of 6 £275


60 Mins £80/Course of 6 £400


Hot Stone Massage


One of the earliest mentions of hot stone therapy dates back to Ayurvedic books, Traditional Indian and Chinese medicine and Native American rituals. This special therapy continues to be popular and have lasted the test of time. This treatment uses cooled lava basil river rocks which has heat-retention properties. The stones are heated in a massage stone heater between 50-65°C. Throughout the treatment, the stones are used to apply pressure and placed on different body parts such as palms of hands, the spine, legs and feet focusing on different pressure points.


60 Mins £75/Course of 6 £375


Reiki Treatment


A wonderfully relaxing therapy which is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system and Chakra balancing. The massage is very effective and safe, without the need to undress. It has been used  to aid relief from pains and aches,  sleep issues, stress symptoms and aid hair growth, providing a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquillity.

30 Mins £45

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a non-invasive Japanese healing technique that works with the chakras and endocrine system and improves the natural flow of energy around the body. Reiki is a powerful tool for accelerating healing and promoting well-being. Reiki works on both an emotional and physical level by clearing blocked and stagnant energy in the body.

£45 - £60


If you are pregnant it is recommended that you do not have any massages within the first 12 weeks. And only pregnancy massages after the 12 week period. Please also note as your pregnancy progresses your skin maybe extra sensitive. All treatments and procedures are carried out to the highest standard and comply with standards and guidelines. However very rarely, outcomes do not meet clients expectations. There are no guarantee to the outcome, it is at the clients own risk that that these treatments are performed. Results can vary on an individual basis.

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