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Spa Rules

  1. Shower Before Hot Tub: For hygiene and comfort, please ensure that you shower before entering the hot tub.

  2. Sauna and Steam Sessions: To avoid overheating, we recommend taking cold showers between sauna and steam sessions. This will help regulate your body temperature and enhance your spa experience.

  3. Changing Time (Before Spa): Please note that the time taken for changing before your spa session will count towards your booking time. We kindly ask you to be ready to enter the spa promptly at the start of your scheduled appointment.

  4. Changing Time (After Spa): You have a maximum of 15 minutes to change after for your spa session. Please respect this time limit to ensure a smooth transition for all guests. Failure to do so may result in a £1 per minute fine. 

  5. Additional Time Charge: Should you require more time beyond the allocated changing time, please let us know when you book - an additional charge will apply.

  6. No Makeup or Fake Tan Allowed: For the comfort and cleanliness of all guests, makeup is not permitted in the spa area. If you are wearing makeup, we provide makeup remover and kindly ask you to remove it before entering the spa.

  7. No Food, Drinks, or Skin Care Products: To maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards, we kindly ask that you refrain from bringing food, drinks, or outside products into the private spa area.

  8. Water Testing and Hygiene: We regularly test the water between each client to maintain the right levels and ensure cleanliness. This also allows us to monitor whether guests have showered before entering the hot tub. If the water levels are severely unbalanced or it's evident that you haven't showered before entering the hot tub, fines may be imposed.

  9. Larger Bookings: For larger bookings, if you notice water overflowing out of the hot tub, please refrain from all entering the hot tub at the same time. This helps prevent overcrowding and maintains safety for all guests.

  10. Red Light Time-Out: Please be mindful of the red light time-out system. When the red light is illuminated, it indicates that your session time is ending, and it's time to wrap up your spa experience. Any additional time after this interrupts our cleaning time and the next bookings. Therefore, please ensure that you exit the spa area promptly. Failure to do so may result in a £1 per minute fine.

  11. Blue Light Warning: Before the red light comes on, a blue light warning will signal your 10 minute warning, giving you a chance to shower and prepare to leave the spa area. 

Thank you for adhering to our private spa rules. Your cooperation ensures a pleasant and comfortable experience for all guests. If you have any questions or require assistance, our staff members are available to assist you. Enjoy your time at the spa!


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