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Express pedicure popular with male clients & recommended during breaks from polish. Starts with a light soak in mineral salt and softening coconut milk blend. Includes nail and cuticle care, with a choice of exfoliation and a light massage with a soothing aromatherapy oil. Finished off with a nail conditioning treatment.





Our popular signature pedicure service includes cuticle maintenance and nail shaping. A long soak in detoxing mineral salts and hydrating coconut milk blend. A relaxing foot massage with your choice of Aura Organics scrub and polish. Finishing off with a hydrating moisturiser and Aura low toxic vegan nail polish. 




This divine gel pedicure includes nail and cuticle care. A soothing soak with dead sea salt and hydrating coconut milk. Followed by a deep exfoliation with your choice of Aura Organics scrub and a low toxic vegan gel. Our gel is vitamin infused and breathable causing minimal damage to the nail bed. Finished with a light massage using our organic hand cream.





Unwind with this prestige pedicure after a long day to bring out your inner goddess. This includes nail and cuticle care, an extensive soak with detoxing dead sea salt, hydrating coconut milk and aromatherapy oil blend of your choice. A deep foot massage focused on pressure points – known to ease leg cramps, and minimise stress, with your choice of Organic scrub + polish, a warm essential oil treatment wrapped with a mud masque. Ending with Aura Organics moisturising foot lotion and your choice of low toxic polish.



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