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24K Gold Skin Illuminating Facial

This extravagant facial uses pure 24k gold to reverse cell damage from pollutants while improving skins elasticity. Pure gold is well known for its brightening properties and tightening and toning the skin. This facial is one of the most glamorous treatments to date and has lasted throughout centuries. 

The treatments begins with an initial cleanse and a facial massage using a 24k gold derma roller followed by a lymphatic drainage massage using cooling gua sha stones. This helps tone and firm skin while reducing puffiness and inflammation.

A deep cleanse using our gold infused micellar water combined with a steaming hot towel allows pores and visible blackheads to reach surface of the skin allowing therapist to carry out any extractions if necessary. After exfoliation 24K gold foil rich in nourishing minerals is gently placed all over skin, these molecules are small enough to deeply penetrate the skin healing and leaving your skin illuminated.

 The treatment is ended with a bespoke clay mask and a toner. Followed by a sculptural facial lifting massage using our 24K gold serum. This massage is a different approach to natural facial stimulation. Dubbed as 'holistic answer to Botox' this is a natural non invasive approach with lasting results.

75 Mins £100

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