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Experience our bespoke organic botanical facial to suit your needs. Our exotic, earthy facials will take you on a sensory journey - aligning your energy, beautifying your skin and relaxing your mind body and soul. All our luxurious products are handmade in small batches to give your skin that remarkable radiance. So lay back, meditate and let us take care of your skin.


Jade Sea Algae Deep Detox

& Anti Blemish Facial

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Amethyst & Lavender Skin

Calming Relaxing Facial

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Honey Quartz Skin Brightening & Deep Cleansing Facial

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Rose Quartz Anti-ageing 

& Antioxidant Facial

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24K Skin Illuminating Gold Facial

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If you are pregnant it is recommended that you do not have any facials within the first 12 weeks. Please also note as your pregnancy progresses your skin maybe extra sensitive. All treatments and procedures are carried out to the highest standard and comply with standards and guidelines. However very rarely, outcomes do not meet clients expectations. There are no guarantee to the outcome, it is at the clients own risk that that these treatments are performed. Results can vary on an individual basis.

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