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Shaman Pedicure

40 mins


If you are having a stressful day at work, why not unravel with this supreme shaman pedicure. This includes nail and cuticle care with file and shape soaked in a luxorious combination of essential oil and dead sea salt. Followed by a smooth exfoliation with an organic scrub + polish to remove hard skin.  A customised foot massage focusing on pressure points – known to ease leg cramps, sinusitus  and liver disease, with a hot stone pampering. Ending with a nourishing oil or a moisturiser of your choice.

Saint Pedicure

35 mins


This saintly pedicure includes an extensive soak with dead sea salt focusing on nail and cuticle care. Followed by a deep exfoliation with an organic scrub + polish, focusing on extensive callus removal. A warm essential oil treatment is applied with a relaxing foot massage, finishing off with a hydrating Organic moisturiser.

Mantra Pedicure

30 mins


This popular pedicure includes nail and cuticle care, deep exfoliation with your choice of organic scrub or essential oil. Followed by a strengthening treatment and a soothing express massage.

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