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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Full Moon Sound Bowl Ritual


7.30pm - 8.30pm

The moon is a natural reminder of how we too can go through phases, sometimes in our light and other times we may connect with our darkness. The moon is an example of how our sensory organs are impacted by nature and how they impact our mind.


During this hour, you will settle into a safe space where you will be guided through sound frequency clearing energy physically and mentally, deepening the connection to your inner guide and intuition. Working with the moon's energy, Olivia will create a crystal bowl sound journey, creating frequencies which shift the frequency of our cells, promoting relaxation, clarifying thought, productivity, joy, love and many other benefits on physical and mental wellbeing, connecting us to our inner harmony.


Please bring a blanket or any extra comfort, such as an eye mask comfy/snuggling, warm clothing, journal and pen.

Please feel welcome to bring anything you would like to cleanse, such as crystals.

Full Moon Sound Bowl Ritual


7pm - 8.30pm

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