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Image by Michael Walk

Drum & Rattle Energy Healing


This Healing session will allow a greater connection to mind, body and spirit helping to promote Healing for your soul’s journey, restoring, energizing and strengthening the ability to move forward in a more positive direction.


The Healing session can be extremely grounding and may take you into a deep meditative state where you are physically very relaxed but consciously still very aware. The sacred rhythm of the drum and rattle allows you to journey, connecting you spiritually in a safe sacred space of Love and Light.  Heather has spent many years incorporating the drum into her meditations and everyday Healing practice with very powerful results. So come and take a well deserved break to find that peace in the heart beat of the drum and in the soothing of the rattle. Please wear comfy clothes and bring your own mat and cushion/blanket for your added comfort.

Drum & Rattle Energy Healing


1.00PM - 2.30PM



Intuitive Art Workshop


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