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Daniela Rubino

Monday, Thursday

Flow Yoga

Stretch your body, awaken your mind, and fuel your energy. We will gracefully work out all of the kinks and tightness, opening and warming the body. Ending the classes with breath work and guided mediation to start the day calm, relaxed and focused. You will feel energised, have amazing mental clarity, and will be ready to flow through your day with ease!


Elena Mcdonough

Tuesday, Thursday

Tantric Hatha

Tantric Hatha Yoga is a practice based on the ancient texts of India. Expect long holds, emphasis on the breath, and plenty of relaxation between poses. Yogis who practice Tantric Hatha will experience heightened flexibility, strength, and vitality in the body. The true benefits (and purpose of the practice) are in the preparation of the yogi for direct experience of profound meditative states.

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Giulia Di Patrizi

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday


Pilates is a physical discipline. It creates a strong connection between mind and body.It is a controlled movement that allows the Core muscles to gain strength and to support the spine, realign the body and correct postural problems. It doesn't just allows you to gain  strength, also flexibility and decompression of the spine, It helps you rediscover dormant muscles  improving mood, energy levels and determination in life.


Simone Scalitoti

Friday, Sunday

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Incorporating a unique blend of seamless vinyasas and intense hatha stillness, this
class will move you through breath, movement and intention to restore a quality of balance and peace that will then infuse through the rest of your life. Strength building, heart opening and flexibility focused poses will help you build on a well-rounded and
wholesome practice that you can take home with you. 

Image by Keren Perez

Olivia Franklin


Intro To Yoga

 These classes are great for beginners and those looking to develop their practice. As we connect to the roots of yoga and build strong foundations within our asanas these classes will explain the benefits of the asanas and their effect on the body internally and externally, while giving you the space to unwind and relax. 


Eileih Muir


Power/ Rocket Yoga

A very physical practice that encourages play and offers modifications of the traditional postures in the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd series of Ashtanga. Classes are open to all levels and have a focus on joy and exploration. Working together to create a fire in the body and a calmness in the mind. Expect a powerful and energising class with plenty of opportunities to get upside down and push your personal practice deeper!

Image by Maryjoy Caballero

Olivia Franklin

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga helps strengthens and restore the body and mind while detoxifying cells, the flow is common amongst athletes & those looking to improve their overall health and well-being. Ashtanga is great for beginners offering a space to let the practice organically grow as the sequences guides them deeper into their flow, demonstrating to all levels the capabilities of the mind and body.


Nicki Wymer



 These classes are great for beginners and those looking to develop their practice. As we connect to the roots of yoga and build strong foundations within our asanas these classes will explain the benefits of the asanas and their effect on the body internally and externally,  while giving you the space to unwind and relax. 


Giulia Di Patrizi


Post Natal Pilates

Postnatal Pilates is one of the best forms of self-care moms can do, promoting total-body alignment, better posture and enhanced awareness of your “new” post-baby body, which work hand in hand to prevent issues like lower-back pain and shoulder and neck tension.


Liam Frank Bergin


Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic Yoga encourages you to breathe deeply, move with intention and unleash your power. We all lead busy lives, Dynamic Yoga provides both a workout as well as space to find inner calm. This class will strengthen, lengthen and tone you body, clear your mind and leave you feeling wholesome and uplifted. All levels welcome.


Alice Padron


Mandala Vinyasa

Mandala is a vinyasa flow system, where the sequence is designed to be a 360 movement around the mat, creating a geometric figure using all directions.
The methodology used in this class is related to the four elements, air, fire, water and earth. Each element has a different sequence and a related part of the body. 


Holly Hoyland

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Training your body as a ballet dancer without needing to be. You will sweat, burn and glide through the class, learning about posture, basic ballet moves, and flexibility which will help on your daily routine. Always ending the class with some centre work to gain balance and stability from everything executed on the barre. You will come out always wanting more!

Image by Dmitry Dreyer

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Coming Soon!

Hula Hoop

Welcome to hula! We begin with a full body warm up including strength and stretching for hooping. Then will get into some groovy moves and combos. We will learn tricks and tips and get into the flow with your hoop.

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Giulia Di Patrizi


Reformer/Mat Pilates

We will bring the Reformer exercises to your mat using thara-bands (resistance bands), body weight and the pilates circle to feel the burn in the right places.It Is a more intense workout than normal Pilates; the equipment is there to give you greater perception of your body, to mobilise, isolate muscle groups and strengthen

dancing in purple pants

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Coming Soon!

Dance Fitness

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