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Sunrise Vinyasa Flow

Stretch your body, awaken your mind, and fuel your energy. We will gracefully work out all of the kinks and tightness, opening and warming the body. Ending the classes with breath work and guided mediation to start the day calm, relaxed and focused You will feel energised, have amazing mental clarity, and will be ready to flow through your day with ease!

Pregnant women sitting on mats touching their bumps


Prenatal Yoga

Helping yummy mummy’s 
to be 
connect deeply with mind, body and womb, boost creativity, balance 
hormones, heal and nourish
themselves during this beautiful 
pregnancy journey!

This ancient practice can help keep you flexible and strong as your body grows and prepares for labour. 

(Suitable for mums in 
second/third trimester)

Pilates Practice at the Studio



Pilates is a physical discipline. It creates a strong connection between mind and body. It is a controlled movement that allows the Core muscles to gain strength and to support the spine, realign the body and correct postural problems. It doesn't just allows you to gain  strength, also flexibility and decompression of the spine, It helps you rediscover dormant muscles  improving mood, energy levels and determination in life.


Thursday, Friday

Hatha Vinyasa 

Incorporating a unique blend of seamless vinyasas and intense hatha stillness, this
class will move you through breath, movement and intention to restore a quality of balance and peace that will then infuse through the rest of your life. Strength building, heart opening and flexibility focused poses will help you build on a well-rounded and
wholesome practice that you can take home with you. 



Intro To Yoga

 These classes are great for beginners and those looking to develop their practice. As we connect to the roots of yoga and build strong foundations within our asanas these classes will explain the benefits of the asanas and their effect on the body internally and externally, while giving you the space to unwind and relax. 


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Power/ Rocket Yoga

A very physical practice that encourages play and offers modifications of the traditional postures in the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd series of Ashtanga. Classes are open to all levels and have a focus on joy and exploration. Working together to create a fire in the body and a calmness in the mind. Expect a powerful and energising class with plenty of opportunities to get upside down and push your personal practice deeper!

Image by Maryjoy Caballero

Monday,  Saturday


Ashtanga helps strengthens and restore the body and mind while detoxifying cells, the flow is common amongst athletes & those looking to improve their overall health and well-being. Ashtanga is great for beginners offering a space to let the practice organically grow as the sequences guides them deeper into their flow, demonstrating to all levels the capabilities of the mind and body.




 These classes are great for beginners and those looking to develop their practice. As we connect to the roots of yoga and build strong foundations within our asanas these classes will explain the benefits of the asanas and their effect on the body internally and externally,  while giving you the space to unwind and relax. 

image00068 copy.jpeg


Reformer/Mat Pilates

We will bring the Reformer exercises to your mat using thara-bands (resistance bands), body weight and the pilates circle to feel the burn in the right places.It Is a more intense workout than normal Pilates; the equipment is there to give you greater perception of your body, to mobilise, isolate muscle groups and strengthen


Friday, Sunday

Restorative Yoga

For anyone who is looking to wind down and relax, restorative yoga may be the perfect solution. This type of yoga focuses on gentle, supported poses that allow the body and mind to release tension. Restorative yoga can be particularly helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. If you're interested in trying out this calming practice, come join us every Friday's and Sunday's.



Aligned Vinyasa Flow

Aligned vinyasa flow focuses on aligning your body with your breath, and flowing through the poses in a smooth and continuous manner. Not only does this help to improve your flexibility, but it can also be extremely calming and grounding. If you're looking for a yoga practice that will leave you feeling refreshed, aligned vinyasa flow yoga is definitely worth checking out!

Mother and Baby


Mum & Baby Yoga

Are you looking for a way to connect with your baby and bond with other mothers? Join our mum & baby yoga classes! You can learn yoga poses that are safe for both you and your little one while helping them develop strength, coordination and flexibility. Classes are geared towards babies who 6 weeks to crawling ages.   

Boxing Gloves



In each BoxFit workout, you'll perform a series of boxing-inspired moves that are designed to get your heart rate up and help you burn calories. These moves include punches, jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, as well as other exercises that work your legs, core, and arms. The workouts are structured so that you can go at your own pace, and they can be modified to accommodate any fitness level.

Ballet at the Barre

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Kundalini Yoga Outdoor Meditation

Coming Soon!

Kundalini Yoga

Coming Soon!

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