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Intuitive Art Workshop

The Healing Power of Intuitive Art is a powerful intuitive, spiritual and creative
practice. It is an interactive art workshop designed to free your creative self, help
raise psychic ability and spiritual awareness, whilst building self-confidence with
gentle healing.  In her calm and gentle way Heather will guide you through creative
art exercises, to allow your intuition and Spirit to speak to you through the medium of
art and music. This will assist you in creating a meaningful and magical spiritual
journey while exploring your creative gifts and find healing in the messages revealed.
This workshop is suitable for all levels of development from beginners to advance;
you do not need to have an artistic background or art training. All materials are
provided; please bring an apron with you to protect your clothing and a cushion for
your added comfort.


Intuitive Flower Reading

Intuitive Flower Reading (also known as Flower Psychometry) is an ancient art
that uses symbolism, intuition, and knowledge of the flower to interpret a
message for the client. During this special event, clients will be encouraged to
choose a flower that really speaks to them or a flower that they are drawn to,
clients can bring their own flower if they prefer. Your host Heather will
individually go around the group and choose a flower to work with, she would
then proceed to give messages and readings through the energies of the
flower. In this group setting Heather is mindful to deliver messages in a light
sensitive way which will not cause embarrassment. Her flower readings events
provide a non-threatening method to unlocking mysteries as well as a fun
event! Please bring your own mat and cushion/blanket for your added comfort

Drum & Rattle Energy Healing

This Healing session will allow a greater connection to mind, body and spirit helping to
promote Healing for your soul’s journey, restoring, energizing and strengthening the
ability to move forward in a more positive direction.
The Healing session can be extremely grounding and may take you into a deep
meditative state where you are physically very relaxed but consciously still very aware.
The sacred rhythm of the drum and rattle allows you to journey, connecting you
spiritually in a safe sacred space of Love and Light. Heather has spent many years
incorporating the drum into her meditations and everyday Healing practice with very
powerful results. So come and take a well deserved break to find that peace in the heart
beat of the drum and in the soothing of the rattle. Please wear comfy clothes and
bring your own mat and cushion/blanket for your added comfort.

Please be aware that as an Energy Healing Practitioner Heather cannot diagnose conditions, nor prescribe medicines, nor can she interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you seek a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.

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