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Group Workshops

Image by Nicole Geri

Intuitive Development 

In this group setting, feel free to develop your intuition in a safe, calm environment; learn simple steps to open your heart to spirit awareness and to develop your communication and sensitivity. In these classes you will receive exercises for grounding and protection while building confidence to enhance your spiritual gifts.


Drum Healing/ Meditation

Heather has spent many years incorporating the drum into her meditation and
everyday healing practice with very powerful results. Heather uses drums, rattles and chants etc. to take you into a deep meditative state where you are physically very relaxed but consciously very aware. Whether in a Group or 1-2-1 healing, the sacred rhythm of the drum and rattle allows a greater connection to mind, body and
spirit helping to promote healing for your soul’s journey, restoring, energizing and strengthening the ability to move forward in a more positive direction connecting
heart and soul with timeless wisdom. This session is extremely grounding and healing.

Image by Magic Bowls

Healing Circle

A Healing Circle is formed and anyone is welcome to pop in to receive healing. While
sitting in the circle Energy Healers will go around the circle giving healing energy to
each person who requests it, this usually involves the placing of hands on the
shoulders, but at the time hands will hover above the shoulders and touching will not
be necessary at this present time. You may also just sit in the healing power of the
circle and not received healing if you prefer. Touch is not necessary at this time.

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