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Giulia Di Patrizi

Born in Rome Italy, Giulia started contemporary dance at the age of 6 with the Martha Graham method, did a lot of Mat Pilates from a very young age.

Performed and studied in Italy till the age of 20 and then move to London where she worked in various festivals including Glastonbury for Greenpeace, Lost Vagueness, Latitude and The Big Chill festival.


Giulia has a real passion for rhythm, movement and physical expression, she believes it is good for the soul and for the body.

She suffers from compensated scoliosis and hyper mobility and Contemporary dance and Pilates has been a life saver.

Twelve years ago she became a mother and her hyper mobility and scoliosis gave her the grief that was never experienced before, which led her to the re-discovery of Pilates where she explored the benefits so overwhelming that Giulia decided to study to help others regain strength, mobility and spread the benefits of having a healthy body all around. 

After starting with Mat Pilates she discovered the Reformer. She is passionate about tools and the Reformer machine is an amazing one that enables to learn to switch on the correct muscles.

Due to lack of space in her own home, not being able to buy a Reformer bed, she has learned how to do Reformer exercises on the mat with simple implements.

Joseph Pilates believed in the power of a calm mind and full control of your body, that's why Pilates was so called Contrology; to make sure the body works in harmony you need to listen to it's demands; this is probably the hardest thing to do because we are living in a demanding and unforgiving fast pace society. 

Giulia loves the challenge.

She has worked with Beyond Movement, working back to back with Physiotherapist and Sports Masseurs for a year and a half.

Working manly with people with slipped disks, sciatic nerve problems, dormant gluts, lack of core control and overworking back muscles.

She also works with Post Natal women, rehabilitating core muscles after giving birth, so when they are going back to fully exercise there are no issues and risks.

​In her spare time she loves doing  aerial, which has helped with strength and to find various weaknesses to fix. She is a professional with silk, aerial hoop and recently trained to be an aerial yoga instructor.

Giulia loves doing and teaching aerial conditioning, which allows client to move and to have fun while working really hard, most of the work out is Pilates with a little bit more dynamic.

"The best way to exercise is slowly with control and precision so then you can fully connected with your body."

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