Daniela Rubino

Daniela's background in dance heavily influences her approach to teaching, bringing creative sequencing to classical poses and a focus on the potential for fluid movement and strength. She teaches Vinyasa flow with a real emphasis on building structure and strong foundations within the body.

Each flow class is a well-rounded practice of initially warming and opening the body, progressing through heat-building, deep stretching and relaxation.

Daniela enjoys developing new flows and exploring the subtle and infinite possibilities of sequencing to challenge and nurture body and mind on the mat. Music plays a huge role for me within the yoga class, it helps with setting the tone and pace. She aims to take the class on complete journey through body, mind and soul, music allows her to create this story.

As well as teaching yoga she is an artist and maker. She mainly creates her work using materials such as metal and concrete. She believes its important to use these materials as she is attracted to things that create robust structures and foundations.


"Within construction you must have a solid foundation to build a strong structure and it is the same within the body. The stronger your roots the taller you can grow".

- Daniela Rubino