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Heather Lilleath

Born and raised in London Paddington, Heather has worked for over twenty years in cancer care and educational environments. Heather’s love of trees, the ocean, nature and travelling are just a few of her many passions. Her extensive travels have taken her on journeys of self-discovery, self-healing and adventure. Finding peace in the solitude of the ancient techniques of Vipassana, Heather meditated in silence for 26 days in a Buddhist temple in Northern Thailand and again in a remote Goenka mountain retreat in India. She has experienced powerful healing encounters in Thailand, Bali, Mauritius and India which has enhanced her knowledge of the mind body and spirit. She has camped in the wilderness of the outback with kangaroos by day and hyenas by night and sat with Shamans in the jungles of Peru and connected with the wisdom from sacred plant medicine. It was here that a major shamanic spiritual transformation really confirmed her purpose in the here and now.

As an Abstract Artist and Counselor, Heather facilitated art therapy workshops at the Burdett Institute of Gastrointestinal Nursing, St Marks Hospital, to explore patient’s feelings regarding altered body images. She also travelled to Romania to facilitate art therapy workshops in orphanages working with disabled children and children affected by Aids.

Heather is a Registered Energy Healer and a Tutor for the Surrey Healers Association. She trained as an Intuitive Counselor at the College of Psychic Studies where she later facilitated "The Healing Power of Intuitive Art" Workshops. Heather also runs Holistic Workshops and Development Circles around London.

Her life experiences, innate wisdom, and her faith have enhanced her passion to support people in their awakening to learn skilful means for living a joyful life.  In 2015 Heather was ordained as an Interfaith Minister enabling her to support people further in the cycles of life.  Heather is the founder of Calm in Art and Connect to Inspire coming soon!

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